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  1. View File F-86H F-86H5 Skins 7z These are the skins of the F-86H and F-86H5 Sabres available here: http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/ This is a partial list. More are coming in the future. For the F-86H: All three squadrons of the 312th FBW: 386th FBS, 387th FBS and 388th FBS Also the 131st TFS (MASS ANG) For the F-86H5: 1st FG All three squadrons from the 474th FBG: 426th FBS, 429th FBS and 430th FBS 3595th Combat Crew Training Wing Air Force Reserve (2584th Air Reserve Flying Center) 115th TFS (CAL ANG) 142nd TFS (DEL ANG) 104th TFS (MD ANG) 141st TFS (NJ ANG) 138th TFS (NY ANG) 198th TFS (PR ANG) Open to any comments or questions. Hope you enjoy... Pappy Submitter pappychksix Submitted 02/22/2020 Category F-86  
  2. A quick look at the next WIP. FJ-2 and FJ-3 Fury. Coming along pretty smoothly I think...Pappy
  3. Look, Kevin. I am not looking for conflict. I can get that anywhere in the REAL WORLD. That's why I come here. To get away from all that. I paid for the P-51B and D models that I was I showing here. I paid for the B-57 Canberra, the "H" model Sabre and now the FJ fury. I PAID for these so that I could have a model that looked good. I spent hours and hours working on these. And so did Cesar. He spent more time than I did to get the models right. Other have asked me for the skins that go with it. You say you are looking for a solution. A solution to what? I have been patient. If anyone was banned from Capuns website it is simply because he set rules and someone didn't obey those rules. They (rules) exist here too. I had once not obeyed those rules he laid down. He sent me a warning and I have heeded that warning. Please tell me what "SOLUTION" you are working on so I can let others know. I had NO PLANS ON RELEASING ANY skins for the Sabre. But I got plenty of requests and I did. Well, tried. Let me know. Thanks in advance, Pete
  4. I use Capun because he is willing to help ME get a few airplanes I like into this sim. All have to suffer because a few did something to someone else. How hard would it be for you (and anyone else who is "banned") to make peace with Cesar and get on with life. This is a stupid flight sim and not some war between you vs them. Release the "H" model skins so other can enjoy their use...Pete
  5. Is this the reason the "H" model Sabre skins I uploaded are being held up? WOW!!! I thought it was something I had done. Kev, you and I have been friends for years. Is this an attempt to get people in this community to boycott Cesars website? I had always wonder at reason behind this:
  6. Hey Dave...just a quick shout to say hello. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hope to talk with you soon. Until that time take care my friend. Pete

  7. Humpday Heavies

    Looks like a stare down from Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs..... Mandatory Pic
  8. More "H" model Sabres from the 474th FBG. The C/O of the 474th in the colorful markings of 53-1313, 426th FBS blue markings in 53-2174, 429th FBS in yellow markings in 52-5750 and from the 430th FBS in red markings flying 52-5730.
  9. Simple as Black and White. U.S. Navy QF-86F Sabre painted Flat Black on the right side only to evaluate its effect on radar signature, 21 July 1987.
  10. License to Kill FU-007 - 386th FBS, 312th FBW circa1956
  11. The answer is an absolute maybe!!!
  12. Playboy and Little Miss Mary, F-86H Sabres of the Maryland Air National Guard returning to base, job complete. And so is the "H" model Sabre....
  13. And for all you A.N.G. fans, F-86H-5 Sabre, California ANG out of Van Nuys Airport
  14. This is beta...needs work. Let me know what you think, Pete

    BTW, please keep it under your hat...


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      Roger that...Thanks in advance

  15. F-86H-1 had six .50 cal machine guns, -5 and -10 had 4 20mm cannon. Mandatory Pic.......U.S. Navy QF-86H Sabre, China Lake
  16. Last of the Sabre line...an F-86H of the 430th FBS, 312th FBW
  17. Happy New Year to all!!! Decided that some WW2 fighters need to be updated so I am starting with the German He-219A-7. 4096 x 4096 to replace the 2048 skins now available. Having fun doing it... Top view port wing
  18. Redid Panel Lines. From SF2 WW2 Europe...Do217-J2 NightFighter...
  19. Ding Hao...Col James Howard

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