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  1. JASDF F-15J Eagle....still awesome
  2. ...and lastly, The U.S. Coast Guard
  3. "Operation Market Time" Martin SP-2B Marlin of VP-40 (Vietnam circa 1966)
  4. Something different I think....
  5. ...and what's an "F" without a "G"?
  6. Who's Mustang did you post to CA? I was just curious since it has two antenna masts. Thanks in advance, Pete

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    2. Wilches


      No problem! Stay tuned!

    3. Wilches


      The model is from Dark Side, so be aware of this. It depicts the 3 squadrons sent to Iwo Jima to escort the B-29s, and I´m sure you know this. The less know detail is the fact that this Mustangs were modified to carry a larger drop tanks with a strange wooden made supports to avoid they to sway for its size, not reproduced here so far. Another feature is the double dorsal antenna plus another one on the chin for long range direction finding. A friend of mine made those lods - the Snowburn. Some later models had a clever IFF gadget installed on tail wich lights up a warning in cockpit when an enemy plane came from behind, but not present in this package as well. 

      Hope you like Boss!


    4. pappychksix


      Thanks much sir...Pete

  7. Gotta love this forum....
  8. This allows only small files...so will send over...one at a time.

    JetProvostT5A 2.7z

  9. Got your message about decals...I will remember in the future. If I send you skins WITHOUT serial numbers...can you submit them for these airplanes? Pete

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    2. pappychksix


      thank you sir

    3. paulopanz


      It's a pleasure ...

      I have only to find the proper serials list.


    4. pappychksix


      LOL...roger that sir

  10. BAC JetProvost T5a Skins

    Version 1.0.0


    Skins for Russouk2004's Jet Provost. $ skins included. Enjoy. Pete
  11. View File BAC JetProvost T5a Skins Skins for Russouk2004's Jet Provost. $ skins included. Enjoy. Pete Submitter pappychksix Submitted 02/14/2023 Category Other  
  12. Aeroclube de Brasilia JetProvost T5A
  13. F-105D from the Test, Research and Development Division, 4520th Combat Crew Training Wing, Nellis AFB, Nevada - September 1962.
  14. Carrying on the tradition of the Flying Tigers:
  15. Another colorful Thunderchief...4th TFW

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