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USAF 'What-If' Hunter Skins

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USAF 'What-If' Hunter Skins

Hunter USAF 'What-If' SEA and Grey SF2 Skins.

You need any SF2 ThirdWire Hunter. Although these were painted on the F.6 and F.9 they 'should' work reasonably well on any of the TW Hunters. They are both set for the F.6.

These texture files are in .jpg format.

INSTALLATION: Drop the skin folder of choice into your chosen Hunter folder. Choose it in the loadout section. Fly.

The Grey skin was painted using Sundowner's TW Hunter F6 Hi Res Templates.

The SEA skin was painted using ndicki's Hunter9 templates.

The intake warning triangle decals, I believe, are Wrench's. (At least that's as far as I could trace them. He thinks they are default. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know so I can correct this.)

Thanks to all of them for their contributions to this great game and making skinning the Hunter so easy.

All other decals are default/stock TW 5+2 merged install USAF decals and should be available in any SF2 game.

I'm releasing this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement. Use it anyway you wish for personal use. For any other use, please contact me first.

If you find any problems with it, please PM me. If you improve it, please PM me a copy.

Thanks to all who are helping me 'learn to skin' by direct involvement and/or by inspiration.

If I forget or miss anyone who deserves credit for anything I release, I apologize. Please contact me to correct my error.



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