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Hurricane Mk.1a Tropical

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Hurricane Mk.1a Tropical

Hurricane Mk.IA Tropical For SF1 06 Patch Level Installs.


To Install: UnZip and drop the Hurricane_Mk_IA_Trop folder into the Aircraft folder,Sound in the Sound folder.


Adding Guns: You need to use the SF1 Gun editor to add guns. You should have the "303CAL_Browning" already.



Canopy opens with the 0 key.


Dirt: I left the paint mostly cleen. If you want it dirty, Go for it.


Pilot Note: The PilotHurricane.lod is too wide for the cockipt. I modded and repainted one that fit for myself that I cannot upload.



Decals: The Seriel numbers are Simi-fictional and there are no code letters for No. 33 Squadron that I could find. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Note: Many of the Meshes are from the Mk.II models I did first, so they are not 100% correct for the Mk.I


Change Log:


Note: !!!!A large number of changes were made in the _Data.ini to match the updated LOD's, older versions of the _Data.ini will no longer work correctly.!!!!



Version 2.0 05/14


Updated .lod's With Newest Nose and Fuselage.

Reworked and Reduced number of Collision Points,

from 72 to 28

Corrected Node Names

Updated Damage Node's


Version 1.0 01/14

New version run with up-to-date Fixes.



The Seat is now part of the aircraft.



Cockpit, Myself.




AC 3D Model,Textures Myself.


Light Fix and some of the Decals Wrench.


Sound File ?


This Mod is Freewear and not to be sold!








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