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F-86K IDF 'What-If' 3-Tone Camo Skin

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F-86K IDF 'What-If' 3-Tone Camo Skin

F-86K IDF 'What-IF' 3-Tone Camo Skin.



This skin is for the F-86K/D/L Sabre by Bunyap, Fubar512. Original 3D model by Zur.


This skin textures are in .jpg format. It uses SF2 Israel decals.


(It 'should' work in SF1 by converting the .jpg's to .bmp's and re-decaling using your SF1 Wings Over Israel decals.)


It was painted using the F-86D/K/L templates by suhsjake and bobrock.


INSTALLATION: Unzip to a folder/place of your choice. Copy, Move, Drag-n-Drop or do whatever you wish to get the skin folder into your F-86D, K or L folders. Choose IDF Camo in the loadout section. Fly.


I'm releasing this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement. Use it anyway you wish for personal use. For any other use, please contact me first.


If you find any problems with it, please PM me. If you improve it, please PM me a copy.


Thanks to all who are helping me learn to skin by direct involvement and/or by inspiration.


If I forget or miss anyone who deserves credit for anything I release, I apologize. I have no intent to abuse or misuse anyone's property or claim it as my own. Please contact me to correct any error.




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