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WOFF Skin (incl. Skinpack) Analysis Spreadsheets

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I've spent the evening doing an analysis on the WOFF skin files, including the Skin Pack, all 6127 of 'em, in MS Excel. Laborious task because the file naming convention is not followed consistently!


I've broken them down by year, nation, model, unit and ace.


I thought I'd upload it because some people may find it useful for picking units with a good number of skins (a real 'circus') or for following their favourite ace around et cetera.


Those of you with an understanding of Excel filters and Pivot tables will be able to do more with it but even novices should gain some insight.


I don't think I'm giving anything away here because this is just an analysis of file names, but I'll remove the post if the Devs desire.


OTOH, if someone has not yet bought the Skin Pack, a file count comparison may persuade them to do so! I haven't made the comparison because I started the analysis after I'd bought the Skin Pack... I was only really looking for Wilhelm Hippert's Jasta 74 DVIIF chequered 'Mimmi' paint job, actually and dumped my directory listing to a file to search for it... kinda snowballed after that!


Two files in the zip, one for Excel 97, the other for 2007.


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