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Someone can tell me where can I find a 7.62mm MG 42/59 model used usually on SH-3D of the Italian Navy, when was in service?I add a photo but show the same machinegun mounted on the EH-101 belonging to the Italian Navy.



Ice Man






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dear Iceman...i think we have a MG....42...  (i think)  in the Leopard......model........!! ??

If no i can make for you......

We need more pics

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how do you plan in mounting it, and have it work?? One can covcievably 'scab it on' as a weapon station or via fake pilot, but its not going to really do anything. If use as a gunner station, it'll only shoot at air targets.


Best if built in DIRECTLY to aircraft's lod, otherwise it's just (not really functional) eye candy. And then, you're still back to it being a 'self defense' gunner station (like on a B-17 or similar aircraft)

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