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(O.T. Maximus) Elder Scrolls Online.

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I shall be playing this, who else is? Would be great if we could get together. This lot here is a prime group for an outstanding guild. The launch is just around the bend on April 4th.


Any thoughts?


Best Regards,



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I'm a HUGE fan of The Elder Scrolls series, and I will most likely be playing this purely just to slaughter some Thalmor/Altmeri scum. But I'm not liking it all that much right now, particularly the homing arrows. I'll get used to it eventually, but I really wish they hadn't gone lowest common denominator (re: console user friendly) on archery. If console users can't aim properly with a controller, tough tits. Get a mouse!

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I wouldn't be seen dead using a console personally...I just cannot do those gamepads...I'm hopeless with them

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