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Help with these questions?

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Hey guys. Can somebody please help with these problems?


EOGB's dont guide! Even locked on they undershoot or overshoot by miles.


Is it possible to change the hud of a particular aircraft? Maybe swop it out with a other aircraft?

I worked on the real cheetah-c for years and its my favourite plane but the hud really dissapoints!


Weapons dissapear from aircraft loadout after installing last patch.

After having eogbs on the cheetah (modified data ini) they have now dissappeard from my loadout even after adding them again with weapon editor.


Thanx in advance


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Hi there and welcome to CA


Which EOGBs are we talking about? The Walleyes are pretty good - but often best to dive at the target - make sure you are close enough to give the bomb enough energy to get there.


Yes - the HUD can be changed via the _avionics.ini file and creating custom TGAs - take a look at some of these to see whats involved 






Did you patch over a modified install?  the Thirdwire patches cant account for any user added mods so you must make a copy of the mod folder before patching to avoid that situation

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yes, indeed. after installing a patch or DLC aircraft, most (if not all!!) modified inis will be overwritten.


as to the weapons, do they show up on the dropdowns for the hardpoints? (they may not, if their type -EOGB, for example- in not or no longer stated in the aircraft's data ini, due to the overwrite)

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