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Check the Data.ini there is the "role" typed in and check the data.ini of a plane that flyes A2G Missions, so you will see what to type in. Than you have to change the loadout possibility in the data.ini in the weaponssection, and If you want to have a standartised loadout, rework the loadout.ini too


can`t post an example iam at work now

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The Su-27 is made by rule: "No pound for air to ground". Its a pure interceptor and fighter.

The MiG-29 is air to ground capable, but only for dumb ammo.


For making the MiG-29 in game able for a2g do following things:


open file: MiG-29A_data.ini with notepad editor


look for this lines:




change it into




Then save the file


Good hunt!

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Of course you can hang bombs and rocket pods on the plane. But it is not used for this role. It is much to big and so an easy target for the Flak. The Su-30 is an other thing. Its the counterpart of the F-15E and is intended to use smart ammo. But he asked for the 27, not the 30.

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Thanks for the replies, I've been away from PC gaming for a few years and have fortgotten most of what I knew about .ini editing. I have downloaded the Su30 which fits the requirement well enough for now, at some point I'll edit a MiG-29 for AG.

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