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A CombatAce and OBD Software special...


Bringing classic WW1 memoirs to life in Wings Over Flanders Fields!




This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. To help mark this centenary - and to recall the courage and sacrifice of those who fought in the skies of WW1, for real - CombatAce, in partnership with OBD Software, will feature a unique series of mission reports.


Each article will take a look at one of the classic pilot autobiographies of the First World War and will then report on a campaign mission inspired by the book and flown to bring it to life. For this, we'll be using OBD Software's great new sim, Wings Over Flanders Fields, whose realistic orders of battle make it particularly well suited to this particular mission!


The books and the aeroplanes featured will be chosen to illustrate both the development of combat aircraft and the progression of the air war, from 1915 through to 1918. The titles and the planes we currently plan to cover are:


- Duncan Grinnell-Milne's 'Wind in the Wires' (BE2c, 1915);


- Cecil Lewis's 'Sagittarius Rising' (Morane parasol, mid-1916);


- Manfred von Richthofen's 'The Red Battle-flier' (Albatros DII, late 1916);


- Billy Bishop's 'Winged Warfare' (Nieuport Scout, early 1917);


- Arthur Gould Lee's 'No Parachute' (Sopwith Pup, mid-1917);


- James McCudden's 'Flying Fury' (SE5a, late 1917); and


- Rudolph Stark's 'Wings of War' (Pfalz D IIIa, mid-1918).


To accompany the series, we are pleased to announce that OBD Software will be offering a prize to the winner of a competition based on the reports; details will be announced soon.


We plan to begin the series in early April, so watch this space!



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Sounds cool! But, FYI, Richthofen's autobiography was written in May 1917 and published later that year, before he began flying the Fokker Dr.I.  Thus, his book contains no accounts of flying that make/model of airplane.

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Thanks Jim. I did consider the Albie for MvR but 1917 was getting a bit crowded and I didn't want to go back to late 1916. So think I'll stick with the Dr I! After all MvR, isn't terribly specific about aircraft types - security, and all that - so a bit of artistic licence may be forgiveable. Plans could change, though, 1918 is a long way off still!

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Artistic license is what it's going to take, I agree, because MvR's autobiography has nothing to do with either Fokker Dr.Is or 1918.


But, why not late 1916?  :dntknw:  MvR was at the sharp end of the brand new Albs while flying with Boelcke in Jasta 2, and he's written about flying them in his autobiography. The arrival of the Albatros in 1916 was a pivotal event of WW1 aerial warfare. Sure, WOFF doesn't have the Albatros D.I, but it has the Albatros D.II and there is the very famous fight with MvR and Hawker that is in MvR's autobiography. How about Udet's Ace of the Iron Cross for a Fokker Dr.I in 1918? He writes a pretty cool account of flying one with MvR, shooting down an RE8, watching MvR shoot down a Camel, and then the both of them (and others) strafing ground troops afterwards. MvR/Udet flying Fokker Dr.Is in 1918, based on Udet's book, equals two birds with one stone!


I know, I know, "Yankee go Home"! (Hasse, where's the sign? :grin: ) Despite my pedanthood, I think you have a fun idea and look forward to the results.

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Hi Jim


My edition of Die Rote Kampflieger includes a chapter by Lothar 'Memories of my Brother' which covers an air fight in Spring 1918 ('Last Flight with Manfred') and even an account of the shoot-down purported to be by A Roy Brown!


But on reflection, yes I'll switch to the Albatros DII in Autum 1916 - it'll bring a German plane into the mix sooner and better address the secondary objective of illustrating the development of aircraft during the war.


What are your own thoughts on how much of  the book represents Manfred's own words and thoughts? For example the section 'Thoughts in a dugout', which looks to have been a later add-on, possibly early 1918, reads to me like an officially-inspired attempt to tone down the 'gay hussar' tenor of the rest of the book, for the benefit of a more war-weary public. But even if the actual writing was that of a 'hack' writer, I like to think that we must be seeing something genuine of the Rittmeister's recollections, thoughts and feelings in that book.

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Hi, 33L,


From my research and studies for my MvR book, I believe Thoughts in a Dugout was written by MvR after the autobiography, but not in 1918. All evidence I've found indicates that in April 1918, MvR was 1. not morose, 2. not withdrawn, 3. no longer had headaches, 4. the Germans had been on a strong advance (Kaiserschlacht). This is based on personal recollections of those flying with MvR, numerous photographs, interviews with MvR, and his combat performance Thoughts in a Dugout was more likely written ca. mid/late August 1917, shortly after his headwound, when he had begun flying again but before he had been ordered away on recuperative leave.


In March 1918, his head wound was 8 months old. He no longer even wore a bandage on it. He had been away from the front on leave most of September and October 1917, most of December, and all of January 1918--i.e., he was well rested, with little flying in the winter after his return. He shot down 11 planes that month (two Big Acks, an RE8, a Biff, four Camels, two SE5as, and a Dolphin), 6 in April (one RE8 and five Camels), with long periods of bad weather preventing even more victories. This was his best performance since Bloody April a year before. He was fit, active, friendly, jovial, accessible (ie., not "behind four walls"), at the top of his fighting form. Thoughts in a Dugout matches nothing in that period. However, it does match everything with mid/late August 1917. His wound was slow to heal. He was bandaged. He had to get bone splinters removed from it. A letter home indicates he was unwell after flying. Other letters indicate his displeasure/frustration/disagreeent with the tactical doctrin being forced upon the Staffeln. A conversation in early July, recalled by Bodenschatz, revealed MvR's grim assessment of the current state of the war. He was frustrated with the Albatros company after being shot down in a new Albatros DV, the performance of which mirrored the DIII and did not offer the expected performance increase sought by German pilots. The Third Battle of Ypres had begun. All of these things better match the tone of TIADO.


IMO, people look for "a reason why" MvR was shot down, as if he were some invincible god. I.e., he must have been unwell, must have had PTSD, on 21 April had "violated his personal combat tactics" (he had not), etc. Baloney. He had flown a short distance over enemy lines at low altitude, chasing a lone plane by himself--these are things he had done many times before. The last time he did so, he caught a bullet. C'est la guerre.

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    • By Ghostryder
      It seems we moved here so I registered to post my impressions thus far with this new edition of WOFF. I moved last Nov. and that was really the last time I flew so my memories are a bit hazzy but I do remember some things and can note some things just by flying about 5 missions thus far.
       First off the purchase experience was trouble free and pretty straight forward. Recieved the required emails for download almost immediately. The download clocked in at 9.6 Gig and took me but 14 minutes to complete. I'd rate this much better than any download I've done on steam or other services. The install I didn't clock but it took conciderably longer. There's a lot of files and if I had to guess I would say at least 20 minutes or more. I'll also note the latest patch was pretty small and only took a few minutes. As of this writing there's only 1 patch that fixes some runtime error and tweaks some color settings. 
       For those considering a purchase write down your purchase number as you will be asked for it the first time you run the sim. I of course hadn't done this but luckily I still was able to alt-tab out and retrieve the email for the number. Next step for me was go into the workshop and set up my thrustmaster t.1000 and throttle. I generally like to remap some buttons to time compression and engine start/stop. I suck as a pilot so I tweak the settings to also use auto pilot and TAC options with lables. As usual I forgot to 'save' the remap when i exixted and had a joyful time trying to remember what keyboard commands turned this stuff on lol. Again remember to save when you remap. 
      After that first flight where I fumbled with a fuzzy memory ---never did get auto pilot on but I managed to land without killing myself--I remapped again and this time "Saved".  Yes it's like riding a bike. Not so much the flying but repeating the same dumb mistakes I made the first time I flew WOFF long ago. 
      So I created 3 pilots. A french run, an ROF run and a Jaster run. Pretty much all started in 1915. The first one in January. ROF in august and the German on started in November. This is because I left season on 'any'. So that's how they generated. 
      Some things I noticed right away was of course the new color photos, the 2 seater that placed the gunner right in front of me gave full view to the new turning heads. I noticed no stutters though I would say my FPS is a bit lower, hovering just above 60 fps most times. This isn't a top of the line system but a recent build with a good ASROCK MB with an I5 9800, 16GB RAM. A Nvidia 1660 ti using a 1 TB SD drive. I was generally in the 80s FPS wise on the older version. but then again I have everything set to 5 so there's that. 
       As for odd things I've noticed. On my very 1st flight the text was so small it was unreadable with flight instructor and labels on. But it corrected itself and never returned on future missions. I'll note also the keyboard in workshop lists the pause key but that does nothing. ESC key is pause.
      Also in the old version you alway heard "contact' before you even appeared on the field on missions. That glitch has been fixed. 
      I am so impressed I just paid about $200 for a Track IR 5 which I hope arrives within a week or so. 
      As for the price of the sim? For me it's worth it because I loved WWI flight sims. I could care less about Multiplayer and I want immersion above all else. A dynamic campaign is king in my view. My first WWI sim was Knights in the Sky and of course followed by the Red Barons. WOFF to me is the ultimate for career and campaign. 
      besides that I've spent as much for Cyberpunk 2077 which is a buggy mess and will probably never be the RPG that was promised. I'm still waiting after 9 years for anything resembling the game Chris Robert's promised with Star Citizen that was suppose to be finished in 2014, hundreds in any Paradox title with DLC purchases.....so as long as the game is your cup of tea and you can support a small dev in a very nitch market ....why not? 
      anyway I just wanted to sign in and give some impressions. I really want to try to make it early in the war to war's end but i've yet decided what campaign/country/squadron to choose. Any suggestions as to your favorites?
    • By VonS
      Hello fellow WOFFers,
      Thought I’d open this separate thread for a future mods-compatibility list for the ver. of BH&H 2 (WOFF) that will be released soon. Becker is welcome to make use of this thread for his long mods-compatibility list that is currently hosted on the WOFF threads over on SimHQ. I will also use this thread to update regarding my FM mods., GPU Tuner Patch, etc., in the future and time-permitting.
      For convenience and simplicity, I encourage everyone who is a member/user of CombatAce to post mods-related questions for BH&H 2 WOFF under this thread, since it will be easier to find mod-compatibility info. that way. While most WOFF-related mods. are available via Sandbagger’s site for WOFF addons, this thread will hopefully prove helpful for compatibility questions, info. regarding release of new mods. not hosted on Sandbagger’s site, etc. - and ideally will become a centralized hub for mod-related topics since there are too many mod-related threads over on the SimHQ forums for WOFF and it becomes confusing/discouraging to navigate for new WOFF fliers who might wish to load up quickly on WOFF goodies and fly.
      OBD, feel free to delete this thread if you will be posting a separate stickied thread for mod-compatibility questions, etc.
      For those interested in downloading my FM tweaks packages for the Ultimate and Platinum Eds. of WOFF, as well as GPU Tuner Patches for the Platinum Ed., including for WOTR Phase One, and the small FM tweaks package for WOTR Phase One - please see the link included immediately below. Those WOFF-related packages are not compatible with the latest, BH&H 2 edition unless otherwise indicated in this thread. I am currently busy with work and other duties, so my limited modding time will be devoted only to First Eagles 2 for the foreseeable future.
      Tweaks Packages for Previous Eds. of WOFF, etc.
      Cheers all,
      Von S 
    • By VonS

      View File SweetFX Tweak for WOFFue (for Bucksnort SweetFX Package)
      Hello fellow WOFFue flyers,
      Please find included with this post a very small package that includes my SweetFX settings file and d3d8 initialization files - this is a tweak of the settings file located in the JSGME-friendly Bucksnort SweetFX mod that is available for WOFFue (see the relevant thread for WOFFue on the SimHQ forum to download the Bucksnort package: https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4259997/sweetfx-for-woff-ue-mod).
      Once you've downloaded the Bucksnort package, read the directions included in the "Read Me" file in my package for how/where to copy over my settings file - which should give greater vibrancy, sharpness, and also very subtle bloom in WOFFue. Works particularly well on AMD cards but should work on any graphics card. See the pics. included with this post for a good example of improved grass color, among other things, with the SweetFX tweak.
      Happy flying,
      Von S 
      NOTE: These SweetFX tweaks only work with WOFF (ultimate edition) up to ver. 4.18 and 4.21 approximately. The latest patches for the ultimate ed. (vers. 4.22, 4.24, etc.) - have changed the way shaders/shader calls work in WOFF - and SweetFX no longer works. SweetFX also doesn't work with the latest Platinum Ed. of WOFF. Hopefully there will eventually be an update to SweetFX. In the meantime there is something known as "ReShade" - but I've had no luck running that in WOFF on my rig - your mileage may vary with ReShade. I'll be waiting for a newer version of SweetFX to roll out, although shaders are much sharper in the Platinum Ed. and don't really require tweaking for extra sharpening.
      DISCLAIMER: All Von S mods, for FE2, SF2, also WOFFue, are subject to the CombatAce "freeware" terms of agreement. Mods may be shared with others, included on other media devices, also modded further, providing that original documentation and/or credit is included, and providing that the mods remain free to use. Von S mods shall not be sold, resold, etc., and Von S takes no responsibility for injuries or fixations that may result from flying heavily tweaked FMs or from attempts to enjoy real flying without aid or instruction from a qualified flight instructor.
      Submitter VonS Submitted 06/05/2019 Category Modding Tools and Add-on Software  

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