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Found 6 results

  1. Dec. 26, 2021 Update - Please find, available at the link below, my previously released mods. for RoF United Ed. - this time as a convenient, consolidated mod. package. Do read the included "Read Me" files, where available, for more info., particularly the "READ_ME_ROF_General_Info" file that is located in the root folder of the package when unzipped. This consolidated package is provided "as is," with no active support beyond the included explanatory files. Should I ever revisit in particular the AI/DM mod. for RoF United, fresh info. will be posted in this thread. Jan. 19, 2022 Update - "Morane-Saulnier Type H Campaigning Tweak" now available below the consolidated mods. link (allows for the Fokk. E.III to be flown by the Entente as an M-S Type H in PWCG campaigns, ver. 16.x.x, in RoF United). Jan. 20, 2022 Revision - Have fixed and included further improvements in the "AircraftInfo" file that is a part of the M-S Type H tweak. Also, don't forget to name your M-S Type H French and Russ. skins as "MS_H_French" and "MS_G_Russian," without quot. marks - for the correct skins to load if running the tweak. Aug. 27, 2022 Revision - Have included more finely-tuned congestion nos. in the "RofCampaignSpecific" files, and that may be used as a substitution for the RofCampaignSpecific files already included in my "PWCG Modulations" folder that is itself included in the large Consolidated Mods Package (see directions included in the main Read Me file, of the Consolidated Mods Package, if unsure of how/where to install RofCampaignSpecific files). In short, these more finely tuned files, while still historically realistic, will give slightly greater chance of enemy aircraft showing up in the skies when flying with the PWCG ver. 16.x.x. IMPORTANT NOTE (Feb. 20, 2023) - To improve take-off routines for AI aircraft if using my various AI mods. in RoF United, before loading the relevant files via JSGME -- open the following directory path of said mods. (data/LuaScripts/ai/cplaneai.txt) -- and set the following entry, with typos. intact, to the value shown (SeniourWingmanTOSpeedTreshold = 15.0). Such a modification will trigger the AI to take off once other, or your, aircraft, have accelerated beyond the 54 kph mark. Thank you Kartaugh for the initial suggestion, on the now retired old RoF forums, for this fix. ROF_ConsolidatedMods_VonS.zip MStypeHcampaigningTweak_VonS.zip PWCGrefinedModulations_VonS_ver2.0.zip (substitute RofCampaignSpecific files for those already included in the main Consolidated Mods Package) Feb. 3, 2022 Update - The RoF United "Addon" mod. ver. 1.35 further tunes AI behavior for more varied tactics, outcomes, etc. Recommended is to use it with the ver. 1.3 AI mod. See the enclosed "Read Me" file for more info. Happy flying all, Von S ROF_AI_Addon_VonS.zip
  2. Hi All, just a very brief (new) post to indicate that - for those who are wondering where my WOTR GPU Tuner Patch can be found, as well as the little FM tweaks pack that gives a Mk.II Hurricane and Spitfire, as well as a BF-109 E7 - including links to helpful performance tips regarding the Hurri and Spitty - they are all located in the post linked below: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92320-fm-tweaks-for-woffuepe/?tab=comments#comment-780879 Cheers all, Von S
  3. Hello fellow WOFFers, Thought I’d open this separate thread for a future mods-compatibility list for the ver. of BH&H 2 (WOFF) that will be released soon. Becker is welcome to make use of this thread for his long mods-compatibility list that is currently hosted on the WOFF threads over on SimHQ. I will also use this thread to update regarding my FM mods., GPU Tuner Patch, etc., in the future and time-permitting. For convenience and simplicity, I encourage everyone who is a member/user of CombatAce to post mods-related questions for BH&H 2 WOFF under this thread, since it will be easier to find mod-compatibility info. that way. While most WOFF-related mods. are available via Sandbagger’s site for WOFF addons, this thread will hopefully prove helpful for compatibility questions, info. regarding release of new mods. not hosted on Sandbagger’s site, etc. - and ideally will become a centralized hub for mod-related topics since there are too many mod-related threads over on the SimHQ forums for WOFF and it becomes confusing/discouraging to navigate for new WOFF fliers who might wish to load up quickly on WOFF goodies and fly. OBD, feel free to delete this thread if you will be posting a separate stickied thread for mod-compatibility questions, etc. For those interested in downloading my FM tweaks packages for the Ultimate and Platinum Eds. of WOFF, as well as GPU Tuner Patches for the Platinum Ed., including for WOTR Phase One, and the small FM tweaks package for WOTR Phase One - please see the link included immediately below. Those WOFF-related packages are not compatible with the latest, BH&H 2 edition unless otherwise indicated in this thread. I am currently busy with work and other duties, so my limited modding time will be devoted only to First Eagles 2 for the foreseeable future. Tweaks Packages for Previous Eds. of WOFF, etc. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92320-fm-tweaks-for-woffuepe/?tab=comments#comment-780879 Cheers all, Von S
  4. Hi everybody, I just got interested in the Operation Desert Storm mod, which is amazing imho. I haven't bought SF2 yet, and i see some planes (like the Tomcat) are not in the standard edition, but i should buy DLCs (North Atlantic expansion in this case). I've seen the Tomcat, among many other planes that are not included in the vanilla SF2 in the OP Desert Storm mod. Now i was wondering: do i need North Atlantic expansion or all DLCs for SF2 to get OP Desert Storm mod to work? Or even if i got no Tomcat in the vanilla game, as soon as i download the mod i'll get it together with all other planes and assets? Are all those things included in the mod, so i just need to install it, without having all SF2 DLCs bought? Or all the "extra" planes and assets i see in the mod are there thanks to DLCs and expansion packs? Thank you very much for helping me out guys
  5. Hello. I have re installed complete SF2 and updated it. After I copied all content StrikeFighters2 (I backed up before), addon planes are not showing up? I can only see stock planes. May someone tell me what to do?
  6. A while back EAWPRO was called AFB (All Flyable Bombers) but I was forced to change the name to EAWPRO because Mr. Jelly released an addon with the same name. He also has a so called EAWPRO theatre meant for use in his version and one for use with OAW. Recently an addon appeared for SPAW named the Final Cut, a name which I have used for almost a decade for a work in progress. What's the goal of such actions, don't people realise that it will only lead to confusion and possible cross contamination of addons? What's created for EAWPRO will screw up addons which were not created for EAWPRO and vice versa. I have uploaded a SPAW_UPGRADE.ZIP (Special Air War) to my FTP site to demonstrate the danger, it is NOT for the SPAW addon but for EAWPRO and I hope people can imagine what would happen when this addon would be added to a none EAWPRO version. This addon is for the active Launchpad members only and should NOT be added to any other vesion but EAWPRO! Whatever the goal is, it's dangerous and detremental to the game and I advice people to stay away from such use. If you don't then you're knowingly putting people's computers at risk. The name The Final Cut has been used for an EAWPRO work in progress for a very long time now and the use elsewhere is pure folly, as everyone in the EAW community will understand. A simmilar warning like this was treated in another forum as a threat and got me banned for two months due to my poor knowledge of the English language, IT IS NOT A THREAT, IT IS A PLEA TO STOP THIS IRRESPONISBLE BEHAVIOUR AND A WARNING TO THE EAW COMMUNITY TO BE AWARE OF POSSIBLE CROSS CONTAMINATION OF ADDONS WHICH CAN POSSIBLY HARM PEOPLE'S COMPUTERS! VonBeerhofen

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