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@ Raven: P-40K (short) mapping issue

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ok, thanks for the updated templates, but I've still got a weird bit here on the fin. Using the 11/22/2013 P-40K-5 lod.

It's only on the right side, left side is OK

So, my question: where is this mapped to? tail_add? tail? ????


got 3 skins and/or whole aircraft mods that do this (the other 2 are 23rd FG in China)


thanks brudda!!


(btw, glad to have you back!)


edit: forgot picture!

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Long K Insterment panel, I had to cheet to fit the V Stab addon. You  need 'Tail_K5_Short.psd'.  (Zip)

Tail_Add.bmp or (.jpg) only needed on the longs. Sorry, I have so many templates that their hard to keep track of.



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thanks! that template will help!


yah, I'd finally figured out WHERE it was on the map; the "sides" section. So, I just duplicated the layer, and trimmed it down a bit!


I know the feeling about having too many templates!!

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