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i´m working on some BLU-1 napalm fire bomb´s and try to find a high res picture or drawing of this large red warning label , does anybody have a good picture or drawing of it ???


i only got one large picture but there the label is cut in to pieces , there are at least 2 version of this label but i would take any of it





i got the original type plate of a BLU-1 made by FoKker only the red warning label is missing



BLU-1B new model




BLU-1B/B with fin assembly




BLU-1C/B with fin assembly




MXU-393/B and MXU-469/B fin assembly





tail fuze



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as it turned out the guy who made the top 2 pictures just lives in a neighbouring town and he has a high res picture of the " Arming Instruction" label  :yahoo:

the picture is taken from a german air force BLU-1 made by VFW Fokker , Mr. Hartmut Bubenzer makes out of this bombs sidecars for motorcycles



thanks to Mr. Hartmut Bubenzer



the BLU-1 and BLU-27 are done



new BLU-1 and BLU-27 for testing


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