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$125K Returned

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Salvation Army Worker Returns $125,000 That Fell From Armored Truck

A Salvation Army worker in California is being rewarded for his decision to return a bag containing $125,000 that fell from an armored truck.

Joe Cornell tells The Fresno Bee that he found the cash Tuesday after a Brinks truck pulled away from a red light in Fresno and left the sack behind.


The 52-year-old Cornell is in a Salvation Army substance-abuse rehabilitation program. His duties for the organization include working on donated trailers.


140530-joe-cornell-1622_f8a5ab609038fb88George Hostetter / The Fresno Bee
Joe Cornell back at work on a Salvation Army lot near downtown Fresno on May 29, two days after he found a Brinks bag on a nearby street with about $125,000 in it. Cornell returned the money and now is in line for a $5,000 reward, the company says.

Cornell says he started crying and shaking after finding the money. He says he decided to report it to police after thinking of his coming grandchild.

Brinks spokesman Ed Cunningham says he isn't sure how the truck lost the money, and called the incident a security issue.

The company will give Cornell a $5,000 reward and make a separate $5,000 donation to the Salvation Army.

— The Associated Press





In other news...


A CombatACE member stumbled across  a bag containing $200K and turned ALL of the money in to authorites.Even when thinking about debts, mortage, and car notes the CombatACE member stated that "I just had to do what was best". A search is still underway to find the remaining $800k that others may have taken but are not willing to return unlike the thoughtful CombatACE member who has set a great example for all of us and will be recieving a $500 Amazon.com giftcard for his or her honesty.

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he's the proof that there are a few decent men, good for him!! :)

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