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I am trying to add new targets to the Korea3 terrain in order to make it a little more modern. I tried adding a few silkworm missile sites and did all the required (or at least what I thought) steps to do so. I added the sites from the IR2003 terrain's Targets.ini and then added the proper Types.ini and ground objects as well.  


I then did all the required mods in the korea3_targets.ini such as positioning and target area numbers. It all appeared to work and the sites and targets all appeared on the games mission menu, yet when I tried to fly a strike mission against one of the sites none of the ground objects appear. The ammo bunkers and GSR etc. appear but the EW Radar and none of the missile launchers etc. appear. They appear as selectable targets before  a mission but are not physically there once I start the mission.


Any idea what could be going wrong?



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