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SF2 WW2 CBI B-24J Liberator Pak

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SF2 WW2 CBI B-24J Liberator Pak

SF2 WW2 CBI B-24J Liberator Pak by Veltro2K 6/10/2014


(Full 4/5 Merged Reccomended)


This pack contains a Theatre Specfic version of Veltro2k's B-24J Liberator as seen in

in the China, Burma, India Theatre. Be advised, that while there wasn't too much

'crossover' between the 10 AF in India and the 14th AF in China (and the RAF for that

matter), for gaming purposes it won't matter much.

You are advised, however, to have a seperate CBI mods folder (even though the new

India/Burma/Indochina map is far from completed).


The unit(s) represented herein are:


10th AF (India):

493rd BS, 7th BG (43/45, in OD/Grey)


14th AF (China):

374th BS, 308th BG (44/45, in NM)


RAF (India/Burma):

No. 99 Squadron "Madras Presidency" (Liberator GR.VI, late 44/45, in OD/Grey)


Each of the skins will display their theatre association; B/I or C.

The skins are in jpg format. All markings are decals (excepting the wing national

markings and some squadron rudder markings). The serials, when carried, are 'generic'

in nature, as they represent no particular unit, but ARE for the model variant

depicted. Decal randomization is set to TRUE. 10th & 14th AF squadron numbering

conventions (plane-in-group numbers) are used on these aircraft. There are NO nose

arts. Other texture artists are encouraged to do the research, and create proper

artwork decals.

Weapons, pilot figures and guns are NOT included; you should have them already.

However, the VB-1 "Azon" bomb is, as the 7th BG had specialy equipped aircraft for

their usage. A "Strike_Azon" loadout has been setup, and is availalbe through the 3W

Mission Editor. Or they can be hand-loaded. Be advised, the standard carry was 4

Azons, and handloading WILL overload the aircraft with 7. RAF units did NOT use Azons.

The aircraft is also equipped with a ground mapping/surface search radar.

Damage textures are in DDS format.


When in game you'll see


B-24J Liberator (v2k)


This will differentiate this Lib from any others you may have (ie: Pasko's).


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included.

PLEASE read them!!! PLEASE read the "Notes" section for other important notations, in

particular for in-game usage.


Happy Landings


Kevin Stein

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Thanks Alfie!

actually, it's 'gravity powered'. the smoke trail was for the bombardier to track it with, and steer by (in a limited arc. Azon means "Azimuth Only")

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