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AI guided missile problem

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I've done a search, but can't find anything recent. 


In any misson I fly, CAS missions run by the AI turn into a slaughter...IF they are loaded with Mavericks.  It seems they'll fire one just fine, but they never fire another.  They just conitune to circle back around the target area.  I've tried messing with the AI settings, but nothing seems to make a difference.  It seems that either they aren't extending far enough, or not turning tight enough to get inside the Maverick's envelope to fire.


I've seen this happen to AV-8Bs and Hornets.  I can control this when I'm Flight Leader by having them rejoin, and engage at a further distance, but AI only squads get chewed up.


Anyone have an INI tweek for this?  I've tried copying the settings from the stock A-10s, but it didn't matter.  Which parameter controls guided missiles?  Rocket or Strafe AI settings?


I know I could just change the loadout to dumb bombs, since they seem to do this just fine.  Cannons and rockets seem to work, too.  Just guided AGMs are giving me grief.


Stupid mud-movers.  :biggrin:

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