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Hello my friends,

I reinstaled SF2 after long time to bring some sweet memories I felt back in 2003-10

because I wanted to try to fight some Bf-109s in Avia B-534 in my dreamed sim about year 1938

but It was like watching movie from your childhood and realize that it was realy stupid one.

It looks to me that AI cheats even more after last patches and this thing go to nowhere :-(

Strike fighters is for me stil the first simulator where I could fly jets from 60's and fight Migs in Phantom.

I remember the green migs tracers from walmart release which did nothing...yeah some bug from the beta

which was released in that days (2002 right?).

My very first mod - craters for bombs (because I wanted to know where I dropped them)

This sim teached me a lot about history of aviation, about planes I love and i felt joy of people who used planes I did... 

It is a shame that this sim was bargain game in its time, because TK did his best and in this Lite Sim I could stall and

spin a plane for the first time without script, I could hover a Harrier and even fly helikopter....each of them in the same

game and engine 8-)

Just realize that in the same game you can fly the Wright Flyer from the 1914 (or sooner?) and F-35, Rafale or even some Sci-fi


Salute to TW that they did this possible

But now with games from this days I think that the best thing you can do TW (or TK) is to give the source to people who followed you for more than decade.

or even younger people who found your product interesting. They are the life of your game. If you dont want to continue the PC business

how could affect mobile playing that there is some free add on for the PC clone of the game ?

I know that TK dont read posts at combatace. but I wanted to write my feelings here

Sorry for my english :-)


Monty CZ

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SF2 AI most certainly has some cheats. It can see you even when you are low and on its 6 o'clock. It knows when you are targeting it. But then TK made some cheats for the player after SF2NA: player missiles are more effective than AI missiles, particularly with regards to decoys. But SFP1 AI was just plain (plane?) stupid from WoV until WoI introduced what would evolve into SF2 AI. From WOI forward, missiles and radar locks had problems when used at low altitudes.


Given a choice between SFP1 and SF2 for single player, I take SF2. For all of its faults (and there are many which didn't exist in SFP1 or earlier releases of SF2), the final SF2NA game is still the best for dogfighting with jets, particularly of the Korea to Vietnam era. 


My favorite aspect of flight sims is the flight model. SF2 still holds up fairly well in this area. But ED has finally surpassed SF2 in the area of detailed/realistic flight modeling. The DCS flight models are sheer joy whether it is a prop like the P-51D, a jet like the A-10C, or a helicopter like the UH-1H. DCS flight models are not dumbed down to make them more accessible. But, if you flew in the First Eagles beta testing or flew the various marks of the Lightning in the expansion pack, then you know that TK could make extremely challenging and realistic flight models with no changes to the SF flight engine.


I primarily fly DCS now because of my love for detailed/realistic flight modeling. But I won't stop flying SF2 until someone gives me a sim that models F-4 vs MiG-21 combat better.


An interesting comparison is to fly SF2 F-15A vs MiG-23MLD and then fly DCS:F-15C vs MiG-23MLD. Aside from the big difference in the terrain rendering (DCS is easily a win even with highly modded SF2), the main difference is in the AI performance. Despite the cheats or perhaps because of them, SF2 is a bit more fun: less predictable and better tactics. But, the solution is to play DCS online with skilled human players, which SF2 cannot do at all. SFP1 was fun in multiplayer, but was nowhere near as flexible and capable as DCS multiplayer. But in recent years, I don't do multiplayer at all, which leaves SF2 as a viable game for me. I have never stopped playing SF, just slowed down quite a bit while a wait for DCS to surpass it.


Aside from AI issues, DCS needs a much more diverse flyable planeset and a lot of new terrains with appropriate period objects. These problems are being solved slowly but surely, but not any time soon. So SF2 is going to stay on my hard drive for some time to come. I wish TK would continue working on it.

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