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OT (somewhat) - Solzhenitsyn: August 1914

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I recently started reading Solzhenitsyn's 'August 1914', which has just been republished in the UK.  Having only a superficial knowledge of the Eastern fronts in WW1 I am quite engrossed in it. Like 'War and Peace' some characters are civilian and some are army personnel. It deals with both their personal and professional lives so it's not a purely a 'military' novel, especially in the first few chapters - you read, for example, why one girl really wants to go to ballet school instead of training to be an agronomist.

Other characters, however, include general Samsonov and a young staff officer who personifies the most modern thinking of the young Russian officers.  Their chapters deal with the problems inherent in the organisation of the Russian army of the time, the hurried mobilisation, and the unrealistic strategic plan for the invasion of East Prussia.  I am finding it fascinating.

I think that that this theatre of the war is not always that well known in the West, so If you don't have an extensive knowledge of these particular times and places - and aren't averse to the non-military sections - you might find it worth trying.

(The only mention of aeroplanes so far is that they can't use them for messages because they are all being repaired!)



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Thanks for the book tip, Wayfarer!
My list of books to get is quite long already, but I'll keep it in my mind.

Alexander Solschenizyn has also written a book with poems about the  conquering of East Prussia; titled "Prussian Nights".

I wonder if and how such events can be described in poems, and this book is also on my list.

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