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Question about battle lines and SAM sites on stock terrain

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Here's the setup: I'm currently editing a string of single missions (not a campaign) based on Red Storm Rising, but in this case there is no 'blue' portion of Iceland- the Soviets basically hold it all.


First question: is there a way to edit the Iceland  files or some such so that all locations in Iceland are made enemy locations? I'm not sure it's even possible to make this change at all, but if it is I figure someone around here would know how.


Second question: As things stand now, in the mission editor I'm currently 'faking it' by simply placing red force ground objects in and around Kef and Reykjavik, and along the coastlines in what is technically 'blue' territory.  The problem I'm running into is that I can't seem to get the SAM emplacements I put in to fire at me. I get the radar warnings, but no missiles fired. When I put ack-ack guns around the airport they will fire if I overfly them, but the SAM sites don't seem interested in engaging. Is there a trick to placing SAMs and radars so they'll fire? Or could the problem be setting up an SA-2 battery in what is technically 'blue' territory?


I know I could probably invert the 'red' and 'blue' units to make western Iceland 'hostile', but my real goal is to turn all of Iceland 'red'. Any help would be appreciated, especially on the SAM issue- not sure if that's related to territorial boundaries or I'm messing up something else. Thanks!

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The Iceland terrain is missing several parameters that prevent one from setting up a ground campaign, as well as limiting the mission types that some aircraft can fly.  Try selecting a close air support mission in another terrain, and then on the default Iceland terrain, and you'll see.


The best one can do for SAMs, is to select those that are mobile (SA-8, SA-9, SA-11, Tunguska, etc.), and if necessary, redefine their object roles, from "Mobile_SAM", to "Mobile_AAA".

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