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SF2 WW2 FAA Seafire Mk.IIIC Pak by Cocas Aircraft Factory & Co

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SF2 WW2 FAA Seafire Mk.IIIC Pak by Cocas Aircraft Factory & Co

SF2 WW2 FAA Seafire Mk.IIIC Pak by Cocas Aircraft Factory & Co 9/25/2014


-- Something for the WW2 Fleet Air Arm players --


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


*Note: this is designed for use in a PTO mods folder built from the SF2NA exe, as it has the proper carrier coding.*


The package contains a =NEW= Seafire Mk.IIIC as issued to Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm squadrons in WW2.

Skin(s) included with the package are:


Royal Navy


No. 894 NAS, BPF, embarked on HMS Indefatigable in 1945


All markings are decals and Decal Randomization is TRUE. Damage textures are in DDS format.

The canopy operates via the Standard Animation Keystroke ™, Shift/0. Wingfold is operated also with the SAK, Shift/9. Guns also grouped, MGs in Group 1, the cannon in Group 2.

Pilot figure, engine sound, and a 'new' drop tank are included, as are "box art" style Hangar and Loading Screens. Guns and bombs are not included, as these are the standard WW2 British types.

The template is included for other Texture Artists ™ to use (and to correct any of my mistakes) You'll find it in the folder marked "extras". This template also works on the CAF Spitfire Mk.Vs & Seafire Mk.II as well.


When in game, you'll see:


Seafire Mk.IIIC (CAF)


on the aircraft selection dropdown menu. This will diferentiate =THIS= Seafire from any others you may (or may not) have.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein

-for Cocas Aircraft Factory, Prop Works Division-


with extra special thanks to Cocas and RussoUK!!



new version with corrected squadron number, and all ini corrections uploaded.

Those that have download the first version, may want to use this or follow the editing instructions below


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A minor mistake was made on this mod...I've used the wrong squadron.


So, to fix, you should


open the SeafireIII_CAF folder, and rename the 887 skin folder to 894


open the (now renamed) 894 skin folder, and open the textureset.ini. Change to read as follows:


Name=No. 894 NAS HMS Indefatigable (BPF)


save and close the ini


Open the Decals ini, and do  'find and replace' for 887 to 894. Save an close


Go down to the Decals folder, find the SeafireIII_CAF, and renamed the 884 folder to 894.

Everything should work.


A corrected version is being uploaded to fix this.

For those that have downloaded it already, you can do the edits above, or just drop the new correct pack directly over, after deleting the 884 folder


sorry about that!! It was a simple typo!!

Edited by Wrench

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