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Weapons Not Showing

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I'm baffled!


I decided to break out the CF-101B from the F-101B.  All went well until I tried to make the F-101B (67) a CF-101B (71)...


The AIM-4 no longer show up as a choice in the loadout screen.


They're on the loadout.ini.  They don't show regardless of year or map.  The names in the plane.ini match the loadout and data ini...


I can't figure this out at all.


Related, possibly...  I made an AIM-26A and B.  I gave it a station specific code for the AIR-2 since they tended to be carried where Genie were carried.  The AIM-26 shows in the CF-101B and CF-101B (71) I made like expected, but doesn't show up in the F-106A...


It's got to be something simple, but I just can't figure it out.

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I knew it was simple...


To keep the AIM-4A-C and E-G from showing up on Phantoms I keyed them to a specific station code (although it was amusing to load AIM-4F in the Sparrow recesses).  I'd forgotten to mark the Voodoo 67's stations with that code.




Still don't know why the AIM-26 shows on the Voodoos and not the Six.


Another DUR mistake...  The AIR-2A is modeled as an AHM and the AIM-26 is a SAHM...

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