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The first 30 seconds was me. I've used various types of software that I never used before and edited the hell out the video so it could work seemlessly.


The rest was them. All I did was email them some questions and they sent me the video.


Right now I'm working on the F-16 and F-14 flightline videos for Combat ACE.


Still wet behind the ears and greener than a grasshopper when it comes to video work too. My saving grace is that in high school I got to work with some pretty expensive equipment when it came to video production. However I wouldn't mind doing this for living. It's kind of a hobby i'm enjoying mainly audio work. The store I'm working for is allowing me to make an audio production for them.

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Well it wasn't supposed to be advertising for the store it just turned into that. I made some critical mistakes and have learned from those mistakes. But doing this has also taught me alot.


As for famous people well if you watch Evike.com TV then Matt is somewhat a famous dude... keyword somewhat.


And speaking of advertising I'm going to be PMing a few members here at CombatACE and see if we can't get a little something something put together to let folks know what we're about.

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