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Map 19: The Emden

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            Germany's most famous naval raider, the Emden

Most of Germany's surface navy spent the early months of the war in safe German ports, but a few ships ventured out to the high seas to wreak havoc on Allied shipping. The most famous of these was the Emden, a German cruiser that operated in the Bay of Bengal, which lies between India and Southeast Asia, in the fall of 1914. Under the leadership of Captain Karl von Müller, the Emden captured 21 allied ships, seriously impeding Allied shipping in the area. Müller's most daring raid came on October 28, when he snuck into the allied harbor of Panang (disguising the Emden by adding an extra funnel to its deck) and destroyed two warships — one French and one Russian. Finally, during another Emden raiding expedition on November 9, an Australian warship with more firepower caught up to the Emden and forced her aground. Müller and most of his surviving crew were taken prisoner.



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Only recently I heard or read a funny side-story about the Emden.

The natives on some Polynesian island(s) have the name "Emden" implemented into their language.

It stand for an action or operation that went perfectly well.

They would then say: "That went emden!" (in their own language of course).

The reason for that: they saw the "Emden" leaving the anchor place, to engage a (British ?) ship.

She returned not long after that, having sunk the enemy vessel.


"Emden" by the way is the name of one of the biggest German harbour towns by the North Sea.

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