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Returning to Combat Ace

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I have been in a self-imposed exile for over a year due to shooting my mouth of here back then. My Apologies again to the main person involved and those i offended back then, while i did not really break forum rules, i was way outta line so i e-mailed the person involved, apologized and disappeared for awhile. If i am not welcome here anymore, just say the word and i'll be gone again.


Of course i returned for help and the only good place for advice on the SFP1 series is Combat Ace and i have Windows 8.1 which don't play so nice together.


What i have done so far...


1. Did a fresh install from the Disk.

2. Patched up to 2008 Level

3. Installed Direct X 9 Runtimes

4. Tried various Compatability settings on the WOE.EXE

5. Tried various FLIGHTENGINE.INI Tweaks going as high as...






SectorMaxObject=1024<---Doubled, Just a Guess


I have tried the Game at each step in the process and it starts and runs fine right up until you hit ESC to end the Mission then CTD. Anyone got any ideas?

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Welcome back.

The attitude of apologizing and bringing it in the open gives you credit.
I hope you find the answers to the problems and enjoy the community again.


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