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Oldie - Questions :-)

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Yes, I know that I should know better for somebody who has been into sims for so long, but I guess my lack of knowledge is due to the fact that FSX is my main sim, although I'm finally getting my head around the SF2 series. So, two, and ONLY two, (hopefully easy) questions:


1. Has anybody ever made an nHancer profile for the series? If so, can I be linked to where I can get it.


2. (I have never understood this one) In single missions, if I put together a strike package, there seems to be some bizarre limitations as to the kind of weapons I can use. Example; If I fly an F-105, and the set up some F-4's as an escort, I cannot arm the F-4's with Sparrows etc. Maybe it's one of those niggles about the sim, but I've never seen this written about before.


Can anybody recommend any fixes for these issues please?


Greatly appreciated as always,



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For 2:

In the Mission Editor from TW you can only select an loadout profile for the AI flights.

f.e. Strike / A2A long range etc.

What armant is then loaded is written in the loadout.ini of the Aircraft.

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as to question 2... the available weapons are based on what aircraft you pick selecting the mission, not what aircraft you select in the loadout menu. since Thuds didnt carry Sparrows, Phantoms selected in the loadout menu afterwards would not have them available. 


if your gonna mix and match like that pick the Phantom first, then incorporate Thuds. the Phantom carried a wider variety of ordinance although you wont have Thud tanks (as Phantoms didnt carry those!)

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