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F-100C Super Sabre

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I recently added my second add-on aricraft to my WOV-WOE installation. A F-100C Super Saber. It does not have IRM capability (mainly just for fun) but also based on the following:


Most troubling to TAC was the fact, that, as of 1965, only 125 F-100Cs were capable of utilizing all non-nuclear weapons in the Air Force inventory, particularly cluster bombs and AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles.[2] By the time the F-100C was phased out in June 1970, 85 had been lost in major accidents. The definitive F-100D aimed to address the offensive shortcomings of the F-100C by being primarily a ground attack aircraft with secondary fighter capability. To this effect, the aircraft was fitted with autopilot, upgraded avionics, and, starting with the 184th production aircraft, the Sidewinder capability.


BTW, my first add-on aircraft was the Hunter F Mk.6. :blink:


The D model did have a larger tail, but I am ignoring that and just cloned the F-100D into a F-100C, and then simply disabled the IRM stuff. Also, note the nice clean "no pylon" look when on CAP missions.









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Hm, we had the C's over here in Holland with the USAFE 32 FIS at Soesterberg. Quite some of them crashed during their  time in the Netherlands. Saw them very low and very fast in full burner over the apron at an airshow at Eelde back in the '50 's . They were replaced by the F-102.  In the new museum at the same place  https://www.nmm.nl/en/ (airbase is closed) we have a D doubling as a C in the depot. Guess it will be out at the apron someday, the F-86F and the F-102A are already in place, F-4E is in the depot and the F-15A is suspended from the ceiling insiude the museum

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