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F-7B MB Series

F7-MB Bangladesh AF .............

35 sqdn has old sqd Tail insignia (Yellow Hawk) and later 36 sqdn "TigerCats" ive set them to share number decals as numbers were used on older and newer a\c...but differed with the sqd crests.


F7-B Bangladesh AF and Pakistan AF..............


F7-B-IRAQ AF........


Chengdu F7 Original Release by Mirage Factory TMF


3d model and skins further Modded by me Russouk2004 Thanks TMF team....nice job guys....




Added brake chutes bumpmapping....


few skin tweaks...such as new textures,redone details,ie,new panel lines and rivets etc.moved some items about.....may not work on other F7 LODS


Added starys fine mig21 pit to IRAQI F7,feel free to get it for the others.


still need to add the afterburner animation as it disapperas when any mapping is done...so will update it asap.

hope to complete this in next few days




Extract folder to destop.....

copy and paste these folders






to your mod folder....usually c:\users\saved games\your name here\Thirdwire\SF2\


If you already have the a\c folder with same name,suggest you rename one or the other.


for other files just click ok to overwrite as these files are latest and should be fine.


Animation keys.....


Brake chute opens on ground only with airbrake key =S

canopy opens with SHIFT +0






most weapons...suggest you have all latest weapons packs.



some loadouts may not be correct.....If you find alterations needed,and can do it,send me any files and I will update the pack...

takes a lot of time checking stuff and modeling so if missed things,it happens...sorry lol




If any file within causes any loss of your files due to incorrect installation,overwriting wrong files Its at users own discression.


This pack is subject to the CombatAce freeware conditions and may only be used for non comercial use,any alterations to 3d model etc will require previous permission,I have been granted full scope of modding this tmf model,so any permissions must be authorised by me.

Thank you.

hope you enjoy the mod.



Edited by russouk2004
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