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    • By dtmdragon
      Close call with 20 MIGS as F-106's fly EC-121 escort during USS Puablo incident 94th FIS deployed to Osan AB, Korea.
      By Bruce Gordon F-106 pilot 94th FIS.
      The tactics they would have used with the F-106 in the last page are fascinating. I've always thought of the F-106 in its context as a bomber interceptor not as a fighter on CAP engaging other fighters! Remember this is pre project 'Six shooter' so these F-106 have no gun and only two shots of missiles each as the F-106 fired two of its four Falcon missiles with each shot- it could not fire missiles singularly excpt for the nuclear AIR-2 Genie rocket.

    • By viper63a

      View File SF2 Alternate Desktop Icons
      SF2 Desktop Icons
      Tired of those ugly green stock icons? Well you can replace them with these...
      Forgot to mention, one icon (ODS) is from the ODS Pack...
      Submitter viper63a Submitted 10/20/2016 Category Other  
    • By Kulbit80

      View File SF2 KAW Gloster Meteor F8 (RAAF) by FC
      This is completely new Meteor F8 by FastCargo and completely new cockpit by Dels (good option for people without expansion pack).
      Unpack to your main KAW folder.
      FastCargo - model
      Dels - cockpit
      HGBN - basic temps (unfortunately lost)
      Crusader - avionics mod for Dels cockpit
      Ravenclaw - new 'beta' 3" RP 60lb and napalm rockets
      I made new stencils, some new panels, lines and rivets, weathering effects, skin for RAAF 77sqn, completely new bump & specular maps, new decals and nose arts, new MBMk1ESeat textures, new hangar and loading screens and some changes in data and loadout ini's.
      Textures are not HR but TW standard +
      Submitter Kulbit80 Submitted 04/19/2016 Category Meteor  

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