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Mirage F-1 Flight Model Test

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   The Mirage F-1 team are busy working on some major updates for the entire F-1 series. Prior to releasing the new versions some public testing on the updated FM may avoid future issues. The attached FM's are for the following aircraft:


F-1C_73 Ver. 1.1 available here: http://combatace.com/files/file/14580-mirage-f-1c-73/


F-1C_80 Ver. 1.1 available here: http://combatace.com/files/file/14581-mirage-f-1c-80/


F-1C200 Ver. 1.1 available here: http://combatace.com/files/file/14583-mirage-f-1c200/




   The new FM is less departure resistent than the previous but the stall warning sound should give adequate warning under most circumstances.


   The Min/Max extents have been updated with the LodViewer so damage modeling should be improved.

   Take off / combat flaps can be deployed at 320Kts IAS and will auto retract at 335Kts IAS. They can be useful if you get drawn into a low speed turning fight as they will add about 1G [for awhile] to the turn capability. If you need to accelerate quickly from a slow situation consider retracting the flaps manually instead of waiting for the auto retract.

   The purpose of this release is to get feedback regarding any problems with the AI behavior or with the flight model. Some things to watch for:

   AI accuracy with dumb bombs, rockets and cannons. Trying to set these items up can be very frustrating because of the variable AI pilot quality built into the ThirdWire game engine so the question to ask is: "Is the AI weapon delivery accuracy comparible to stock TW aircraft?"

   Are there an unusual amount of AI aircraft crashing?

   When player flown, are there any areas of the flight envelope that seem objectionable? This isn't a HiFi FM but it has had some tweaking to meet some performance data points. If you find any areas of significant over or under performance feel free to pass along the details.


   The new FM has received quite a bit of testing but there is always a chance something slipped through. Please post any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the AI or FM on this thread. Other Mirage F-1 questions can be asked on Ludos pinned Mirage F-1 thread. Thanks in advance for the help!


Here are the new FM's: MirageF-1_0.959PublicTest.zip





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I go to test your works at home today.


Many thanks!  :hi:



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FM tested and works fine!


Vs MiG-17F (1st test) this is a real pleasure to dogfight... :good:


Many thanks

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Thanks for the comments Coupi.  During turning fights against the Mig-17 I can sometimes get a temporary firing solution by trading speed for turn rate and using the combat flaps. If it doesn't work out it's full speed ahead and try something else. Interestingly, the power to weight ratio of the Mig-17 and Mirage F-1 are almost identical assuming 50% fuel for both, but the Mig-17 has only about half the wing loading of the F-1. With a relatively modest power to weight ratio compared to modern day fighters I think the main strength of the F-1 is probably sustained G during high speed turns. I find speeds above 400kts IAS or 0.9 mach at higher altitudes works best most of the time.

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