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Great white sharks off the Jersey shore are not all that rare. They prefer water temperatures from 54 to 75 degrees. But your ability to track one or even follow one on Twitter is unique. And Twitter lit up Thursday morning when @MaryLeeShark was found to be just 10 miles off the coast of Wildwood.


The shark's latest pings continue to indicated a northerly course up the Jersey shore, often less than 10 miles from the coast.   The most recent ping occurred at 7:43am Friday, placing Mary Less less than five miles off the southeast tip of Long Beach Island.


Since Mary Lee is swimming through our coverage area, The Press reached out for comment on how the shark is liking the South Jersey coastal waters.


: What's your impression of the South Jersey shore? Liking the 55 degree water? Trying to beat the Memorial Day crowds?
— Dan Skeldon (@ACPressSkeldon) 
May 8, 2015


My, Dan. Aren't you persistent? Gotta swim, but promise to catch you later. -;() 
— Mary Lee the shark (@MaryLeeShark) 
May 8, 2015


Mary Lee, a 3,456-pound female great white shark, has traveled almost 20,000 miles since she was tagged off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in September 2012. OCEARCH, a nonprofit group that researches great whites, placed a tracker on Mary Lee that will emit a ping each time the shark’s dorsal fin surfaces above the ocean.


Over the last month, Mary Lee has made steady progress northward up the East Coast of the United States. In early April, the 16-foot long shark was off North and South Carolina. Earlier this week, she was lurking just off Assateague Island, off the Delmarva Peninsula. In the last 24 hours, Mary Lee moved north, paralleling the Delaware coastline about 10 miles offshore. Then came five pings early Thursday morning, as Mary Lee zigzagged about 10 to 15 miles east of Cape May and Wildwood. Just after noon on Thursday, the latest ping placed the shark about 15 miles due east of Avalon.


The current water temperature off of South Jersey is 56 degrees, just at the lower end of the shark’s preferred range.


Currently, over 14,700 people follow @MaryLeeShark on Twitter, with almost 5,000 new followers since the shark entered New Jersey waters Thursday morning.


You can also follow her track here: http://www.ocearch.org/profile/mary_lee/#SharkTracker

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WOW! That's amazing. I never realized those sharks traveled so far. Im not sure I'd want to be the one that puts the transmitter on that thing. Im sure it would wonder what was pricking its dorsal fin and reach around to investigate, lol.

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Mary Lee was reported to be less than one half mile offshore this morning, or about 12 miles southeast of my home.




To quote the local Newspaper:


A 3,500-pound great white shark moving up the East Coast came less than a half mile from the Jersey Shore on Sunday morning before heading farther back out to sea.


The nonprofit group OCEARCH's shark tracker showed Mary Lee roughly 700 meters off the coast of Toms River around 6:45 a.m. this morning.


But the shark didn't stick around there for long.


Less than a half hour later, the shark pinged about one and three quarter miles off the shore.


A ping is registered with the group when the shark's dorsal fin breaks through the water, transmitting a signal that provides an estimated location.


In the last 24 hours, the shark has traveled nearly 75 miles, according to the group's tracker.


OCEARCH put a tracking device of Mary Lee in Cape Cod in 2012. Follow Mary Lee's movements on OCEARCH's shark tracker.

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