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TrackIr 5 and backlight

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I have a trackir 5 but sadly I sit with my back to a sunlit window which I can't blind completely. Trackir is very sensitive to any reflections in the background. Lowering the threshold for background interference only helps so much. I came across this solution http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/56739-tip-trackir-backlight-problem-solved/

It works for me. It doesn't solve all problems but in combination with adjusting the threshold it allows me to play even on a very sunny day. 

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Good find!


Even without a window behind me I still needed to double the curtain thickness to stop interfering light coming through and reflecting off things.

Text from http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/56739-tip-trackir-backlight-problem-solved/


I love my TrackiR, I think it is the next best thing to have in your flight simulators, after a decent joystick or yoke.
But, alas, it doesn't like the window behind my back (during the day), or any bright light source. It gets disturbed and erratic.
Of course I can close the curtains in the living room, but I prefer to keep my wife from divorcing me.
And now I got it solved!
First I read a tip on Avsim from a guy who put a film negative (or positive, anyway, blackish) in front of the TrackIR. I searched my house for such a relic of ancient times, but to no avail.
Then I tried sun glasses. Did not make a difference.
Then I tried a piece of black nylon/pantyhose. I still wonder why that idea popped up in my mind, but much to my own surprise it works very well. Just wrap it around the device tightly, and lo and behold: My TrackIR works all day, windows and sunshine no longer causing a problem.
I thought I share this with you...
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