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  1. ...and I have tracers again. For your information: The culprit turned out to be a file called BULLETOBJECT.INI which was sitting in my objects folder. Not sure what it does but when I removed it I had my tracers back.
  2. After some 3 hours of trial-and-error (read: grasping at straws) I have given up and followed your advise. I am rebuilding my mod folder (and moved the old folder to an external drive as back up). I can't for the life of me find what is broken.
  3. Hi all, After being away from SF2 for a while I'm back playing it again. And now I notice none of the internal guns (and gunpods) have tracers anymore. Memory fails me how to repair it. It bugs me, so any help is welcome. Thanks.
  4. Learn your callsign

    Jam Blaster
  5. I had this once in SF2 merged. But it is a long time ago and my memory being what it is....... I never found out what caused it but it went away when I started replacing folders with my back up folders. IIRC it was either the Effects folder or he Flight folder. So Blaze might be on the right track.
  6. Nice one. Thank you. Just an idea: a two seat night fighter version with radar, perhaps in a thimble nose?
  7. The Dodo-award? The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is an extinct bird that lived in the forests on the island of Mauritius. It stood about a meter tall of the ground. It could not fly because it didn't need to; it hat no natural enemies. Apart from a nasty beak it was quite helpless. Its food consisted of seeds and fruits. It has no enemies, until the arrival of Dutch settlers. Since it couldn't fly it was easy to catch. Around the end of 17th century it is extinct. Designed for very specific circumstances. When those changed it became extinct.
  8. I would go for the 6 a day and use the in between time to peruse the pearls of wisdom stored in this site.
  9. I love your "Dhimar-Paran streak". Keep them coming and...thank you.

    I have had a few cats (have 3 now). Kidney failure, especially in tomcats, is something to watch out for. If their drinking habits change (drinking less or drinking more) and/or when they start urinating more and in smaller quantities it's good to have them checked by a vet. You can can also check by pulling their skin. It has to stretch back almost immediately. If it doesn't it could be a sign of dehydration and kidney problems. My tomcat (10yrs) hunts during the day and sleeps in the evening while the female cat sleeps during the day but hunts in the evening. (The third one is a kitten of 5 months and acts like a kitten should)
  11. ARD - Die Story im Ersten: Im Nebel des Krieges

    Impressive...and very sad indeed
  12. Even if you don't want Win10 ...

    You might want to check this out: http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/ What it does is explaned here http://www.howtogeek.com/218856/how-do-you-disable-the-get-windows-10-icon-shown-in-the-notification-tray/ under "Hiding the Get Windows 10 Icon the Easy Way" At least I got rid of that pesky Windows 10 update icon in my task bar.

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