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Joystick and Remappable functions in EAW

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If your having problems getting your flight controls whatever they might be to get recognized by EAW v1.2 try these programs. I only got one report that said these programs work well with combining controllers, throttles, pedals of different brands into one virtual joystick. EAW v1.28c and up supposedly support 3 devices and separate pedals and throttles natively, but people are still having problems. So these programs may help even with those versions of EAW, including 1.40.
I haven't added this info to my EAW Joystick help guide yet as I haven't been able to test them out myself as I only have one controller.


Try these two programs that I'll link. They combine multiple controllers into 1 virtual joystick.


and you need this one too to go along with it:



There also is the other standalone program too you may want to try.

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This Guide has been updated several times in the past months, including the DeadZone and Flight Sensitivity sections. I've rewritten a good portion and consolidated to help out more effectively.

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As one who has personally used MarkEAW's Help site to 1) Get EAW up and running, and 2) Get it running WELL, and properly configured for my modern HOTAS, I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Absolutely a Must-Read resource.

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