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Ostfront redux soon for panzer elite

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new update esp the Panther tank. May be a dated sim but they still make good stuff.




Ostpak Redux" is a mod that will contain an updated version of the so-called Ostpak extension, which had a heavy focus on the eastern front.

What's changing?
- engine is replaced with the latest work of Aldo - I'm trying to incorporate as much as possible from PP2-X
- updated unit models (number of units will increase ober time but this is the most time consuming
- updated smoke and particle effects
- full-scale sound mod - individual sounds for each unit
- 3D tracks and wheels being added to most of the units
- better camera handling for exterior view (camera drag/lag can be disabled now)
- various bug fixes of Ostpak
and a lot more...

I have been heavily supported by the guys at PEDG: British Aldo, Slomo, Murkz, Yamato - thanks a lot.

I plan to release a Beta version that will contain Ostpak + the update in one package, and can be simply applied over a fresh copy (GoG) version of Panzer Elite. I will post videos/pictures into this thread.

Read more: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4296373#ixzz4KZHSTALD 
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Great work Daskal, have been looking forward to this (and maybe a PPx update of Britpack too, some day).


Looking at all the videos, one other thing that it would be good to improve is to reduce the way tanks wobble as they move, in a very sudden, jerky way. Smoothing or damping this out, would make movement look a lot more realistic. Aldo had produced an experimental file which did this, IIRC http://pedg.yuku.com/reply/12574/PE3Ostpak-update-with-PP2X#reply-12574

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is it still in the works or been released?

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Close to being released, I believe.


Britpack '44-x is also being worked on...


South of Hill 112 scenario:




Dickie's Bridge scenario:





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