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Wings Over Vietnam Oct2008b patch server up on hyperlobby

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Despite the performance loss, I am migrating my Wings Over Vietnam 24/7 unattended dogfight server to the Oct2008b patch level.

This will make it easier for others to join with a pure stock install without the CTD effect of the earlier version without mods.


You can go here to see that the server is available (Wings Over Vietnam counter > 0) and whether anyone else is there (Wings Over Vietnam counter > 1).


If any of the old veterans and/or myself are there, we will be happy to help others overcome obstacles to flying.


I am now in the process of evaluating Evolve as a replacement for Hamachi in creating a virtual LAN to overcome connectivity issues.

Apparently Evolve can also replace Hyperlobby as a network for meeting up and Teamspeak as a tool for in-game voice chat.

This all sounds very promising if it works as advertised.

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Second person has joined the server: Yubba.

But I couldn't get my primary PC to join while Yubba was in.

I was able to do this last night, but not tonight.

That is just how finicky the DirectPlay interface is when faced with a server behind a router trying to deal with internet clients and local clients at the same time.


At a minimum, two outsiders have been able to join my Hyperlobby server without my supervision, and that is a good thing!

This means that the unattended server will work for most people with minimal trouble even if I can't join it at the same time.

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Hello, :hi:


I should try... never tested this !


I've the WoV CD-Rom somewhere.


Very interesting,


Best regards,



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You should absolutely test this.

Install from the CD, patch it up to Oct2008b (last patch available from Third Wire), then try to join the unattended 24/7 server.

If you can get into that, then it is just a matter of finding a schedule where the guys who are flying are online at the same time.


On weekdays, I may be monitoring the server as early as 6 PM EDT, but typically more around 8 or 9 PM up to about midnight.

But if I get distracted, I may not see you in hyperlobby or in the server... this weekend, Creature's first join of the server was missed by me, because I took a nap.


But if we get enough guys flying, people living in the different time zones will have different overlapping schedules. Hopefully, we can find an hour or two when everyone can show up at the same time.

It is really fun if the internet and networking issues don't get in the way.

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I'm not at home currently... next week-end I'll try to connect!


This seems to be great!!!



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ok, Sixgun reports that he got DX9.0x installed and WoV is running fine on his Win10 PC, however DirectPlay functionality is not verified yet. He was unable to join the server and I wasn't around to troubleshoot.


I also saw a new login on the server when I got home today, "legend". 


This could mean two more actively flying, with a few more still possibly in the wings.


8 would be a good number with either 8 co-op or 4 vs 4 teams.

My dream is 16 for 8 vs 8 teams.


I think the most I ever saw on my server was 12. I have lost the screenshot of that event.

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Real life has kept me busy over the weekend. Next weekend I will be out of town. But I will try to be online/have the server up from Monday to Thursday this week.

Having the server up doesn't seem to do much good, but it does act as a beacon to let people know that I am up and running.

I get better results by actively hanging out in Hyperlobby at the same time the server is up, but I get distracted easily and don't always see someone pop in while I am browsing, etc.


Windows 10 continues to be a showstopper. Windows 7 and the Evolve friend finder/voice chat/vlan software are winners for this application.

I hope to see some more faces eventually show up.

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yubba is still showing up pretty much every night I monitor hyperlobby. I have enjoyed flying all the different aircraft.


The flight modeling in the SF/WoX series did not match real performance as well as it could have. The engine was capable of very realistic behavior, but Third Wire felt fun and easy was better than realistic and hard. Having said that, the "Hard" flight model always entertained me. Each type of aircraft and sometimes even minor subvariants had quite unique flight performance and characteristics. It was only the tuning to produce a simple mushed out stall easily recovered rather than having most planes easily go into departed flight that made the flight models seem so similar to those who never flew them very much.


In this screenshot, I am in a MiG-19 with yubba's MiG-19 in my sight. In multiplayer, you can only take a screenshot about once every minute or two to prevent cheating by taking screenshots to create lag. So, I couldn't get a good shot of the hits/damage/explosion that followed shortly after this screenshot :)





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