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  1. Falcon 4.0 today

    putting it together now,, here's some links http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/files/file/22-falcon-bms-433-wupdates-1-2-3-4/ to help the search, you should take a peek at ,, The Iso Zone,, long lost stuff like Falcon4 ,, and many others
  2. could have been us Johnny Rebs,,, over yonder,, or damn that's high
  3. It's in meters so 11,000=30,000ft roughly I haven't tried it on any other planes far as I know,, I go up with 2 or 3 wingmen you go up with any more than that and number 5 guy and above won't drop bombs
  4. You made me go look.. this is what I got on the B-52 for 30,000ft. oooh the carnage,.. [LevelBombAI] ReleaseAlt=11000.0 ReleaseCount=27 <------- I guess that can also be changed ReleaseInterval=0.1 did you have a nice trip. ????
  5. So when are you going to crack the mid air refueling collumdrum ..probably when I learn how to spell.
  6. I got a fix for the diving bombers it's in the B-52 campaign thread I got up,, sorry I'm lazy to quote it here, I forgot what I did but the B-52s don't dive bomb any more,, and thank you for the info. well that was a little vague,, go to data of your aircraft look for Ai level bombing and you can set the altitude you want your wingmen to drop it will be in meters.
  7. Would you mind explaining how you lowered the B-1's RCS since we can't get the B-2,, I'd like a stealthier bomber,,Please and Thank you should be in order. Do you do any online flying,,if so what and where I'm being nosey to day.
  8. That , I couldn't tell you,, but there is a way to test it,, what I learned with the F-117 you could go into a heavily defended area and wouldn't be lit up,, so load up and go into a hot area and see what you can get away with it's to bad we never really did anything with multi player over at hyperlobby then we could see what really is going on with that
  9. How about leaving the lights on,, and trail some smoke,, creeping with a F-35 you might as well give them shields,and a rear turbo cannon,, you have to excuse me,, watching too much star wars, have a good one.
  10. Flying with the Ruskies now aye ????
  11. IL-2 1946 ,, The Enterprise Campaign,, with a few edits to fly the Avenger Torpedo Bomber.,, and the B-52 campaign I conjured up for WOV 1
  12. @Wrench: PT boat weps

    it was built that way,,having 2 deck gun mounts,, I had a hell of a time ridding the 40mm off the front,, it didn't look right and made me sea sick watching the guy up front,, it is a easy fix if you end up playing it., I modded the files that are in the downloadable Pt-109 so you do have a dual 40mm mount in the rear which acts like deck gun and makes short work of destroyers,, I have threads in subsim.com how to get it to work in campaign and to fix weapon mounts except the butt ugly 20mm mounts. The boat has been around for years, built and not finished,, the guns worked ,, as AA and deck guns,, but no torps it took me months to get torps up and running I passed the information along in subsim ,, Bismarck got if up loaded into downloads in it's present state,, and I finally after years of tinkering got it to work in campaign..

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