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Hi all guys.

Ive installed the G-91s,the SF2 Yankee and the SF1 R1/R3.

I followed for the Rs MigBuster tutorial in KB for converting SF1 planes to SF2 and the planes show perfetly.

So,I started a campaign with the Yankee and all ok,but,in single missions with the Rs,in the loadout screen,the (external) fuel tanks quantity read 0.

What's the problem?

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Well, my Tanks show up perfectly... :biggrin:


I guess the "R" uses other tanks then the Yankee. check what the Data.ini refers to. Then check the tanks in weapon folder for their avaibility. Btw, you should also study the knowledgebase....
Also there are much more infos you need to know. ;-)

Edited by Soulfreak

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I've redo the Weapons folder,reinstalled the unzipped file,created the .ini file ( absent originally) ,corrected the lines for the Data.ini files as per instruction and double checked everythings.

In the loadout screen now I've the 260 Lt. tanks but not the 520 Lt. ones like in your screenshor Soulfreak...

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