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I have just identified an error in the F-22 Raptor which might partially explain why it's a bit sluggish in take-off

The fuel weights in the Data File are written as pounds, when they should be kilos. This gives you about 38,000 lbs of fuel, which means you'll never need a drop tank again. Ever.


In the Data File under Fuel, there are entries for one fuselage cell and two wing cells. In each case the entry should read as follows:



This should give you an accurate 100% fuel weight of 18,500lbs (and not 38,000lbs)


Also in the data file, you can adjust as follows:



This will give a clean weight of 43,340 lbs, which is correct for the aircraft.


You're welcome

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See you are getting the hang of it,,, so tell me are you still chasing a little red box,, me, I fell through a cosmic bunny hole and I'm fighting the good fight in WW 1. against a little blue dot.

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Actually, I found the official Lockheed-Martin site gives internal fuel as 18,000 lbs, so that would be three entries of 2722, if you want to be accurate.

I read your posts. Funnily enough, there used to be a Flight Sim called Sabre Ace which used a flashing green dot to represent an enemy aircraft when it was too far away to be visible as a shape. The critics slagged it off en masse. I thought it was a great idea. I thought the Sim was great too, but you can't fight critics when they are determined to bring something down. So, I like your idea.

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looks like I'll have go Back to the Future ,, and give that bird a whirl with your edits,, though I can't seem to get pass the f-15e as an all time great,,, what do we have for a pit in the f-22 nowadays,, I was looking for a modern f-16pit, but all I can find is the b-model pit

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I use a full-screen HUD on the F-22. So I never use the cockpit graphic. I use 20 text size, which suits my eyesight.

HUD has everything you need, except fuel state. I then use the pop-up radar at centre bottom, enlarged from the original.







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