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Operation Albion terrain

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Since i have a new computer, i scroll trough my old, never finished terrain projects and found the terrain Rigaer_Bucht (Bay of Riga), which covers a small part of the Baltic Sea.

In focus are the two latvian island (which were during WW1 russian of course)

There the german Hochseeflotte made a successfull landing operation to take away the islands from russian hands, which was called Operation Albion.


I took my old terrain of 2010 and fitted it with the Jan Tuma made tiles.

The result you will see in the screenshots, which show a recon mission with Albatros D III.


The ingame map:



on the way:



enemy appears:



and was shot down:



over a small town:




More screenshots:


Other towns:







the german fleet in fire exchange with russian forces:







and back home:







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Great!! dem map?


Yes its made by DEM data.


I like this terrain! A great addition to the Eastern Front. Are you planning to upload it someday soon?



There is only the bigger island (Ösel is the german name, i believe Saremaa is it called in estonian language) is more or less finished.

The other, smaller island (Dagö) and other areas still have to be done.

Its small progress forward.


This is the hfd file:



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