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Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens update for First Eagles 2

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Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens were designed for original First Eagles and gave some problems when used in First Eagles 2.
The Campaign screen gave CTD and some text was hard to read. The needed files has been edited and some new has been added to get a more uniform look over all.
The ini files has been optimized for screen resolution 1920x1200, and may need some tweaks for other resolutions.


Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens original thread:




Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens NO MOVIE


Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens WITH MOVIE

Install instructions
Install Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens and then extract the FE2 update on top of it and overwrite the original files.

Please Note: My update is for the no movie version, but it should be easy to make the corresponding edits on the movie version also.

Guitarclassic55 for the original files.
Thirdwire for default First Eagles 2 files.

The update is available for download at my First Eagles page on my site:




Best regards



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Got it, thanks.  Nice website.  Looks like you've been flight simming for a long time!

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Many many thanks for this vonOben,


You just brought my FE2 install menus up to the same visual standard as my old FE1 setup. I had struggled to port over Guitarclassic55's excellent original work, but never got it up to the standard you just delivered.


Thanks Again!



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