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SFP2 Is it possible to use a joystick axis for thrust vectoring?!?

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I'm building my homepit at the moment and wanted to know if it is possible in the Strike Fighters Project 2 series to use a joystick to control thrust vectoring.

I have built a nozzle control for flying AV-8B's or Harriers in flight simulations, with the use of a potentiometer. Since I've redone my first cockpit electronics, which where able to produce keypresses for anlog inputs, cause it was very complicated, I now have only the option to use this nozzle control as a simple analog axis.

For the Harriers I have in other simulations, like Combat Air Patrol 2 or FSX that's no problem, but I don't know if you could use it in that way in SFP2 too.

Sadly I have no PC to test it at the moment and my Laptop isn't able to run SFP2.

Many thanks



P.S: BTW is it possible to change your username here at CombatAce? Have made this account some years ago and now I want to change my name to the one I use in all other flight sim forums too.

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Hello TearGasHorse,


many thanks for your reply. That's good news. Makes my pit compatible with SFP2 also. Now all Harriers in all simulations (Falcon BMS, CAP2, FSX, SFP2) can be controlled with the analog nozzle lever.


I had really pain that SFP2 does only use keystrokes for it, cause it's one of my favorite simulations and I definitely want to use it in a realistic way with my pit.

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