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Warbirds Over the Beach

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A low clouds shelf didn't make for the ideal weather situation, but that allowed the spectators to get up close and personal to the approximately forty WWII-vintage aircraft parked in hangars and on the apron.  Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of these planes restored to flyable condition, and it's not unusual to see the same make and model at several different shows.  So, with that in mind, trailing are a few of the "more unique" ones (including some very correct replicas!) attending yesterday's airshow at Military Aviation Museum:



Bell P-63F KingCobra



Boeing P-26D Peashooter



Curtiss C-46F Commando



de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito



Focke-Wulf Fw 44 Stieglitz



Hawker Hurricane Mk.XII



Junker Ju 52 (CASA 352L)



Messerschmitt Bf 109g (HA 1112-M1L)



North American P-64 (also note the control tower, jeeps, and re-enactors!) 



Polikarpov 1-16 Type 24



Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe



Yakolev Yak-3M















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Thanks both jeanba and Typhoid!  As info, I'm starting up a My Gallery with more photos from yesterday for your viewing pleasure!

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