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Can't load DT on airplanes

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Good day all guys.

I'll start a campaign with the A-6E in ODS ( no Redux) but I can't load the planes with external tanks,the items are present in the available stores but I can't upload'em on the plane

But in the Single mission the problem don't exist.



If I remember well,I've the same problem with the OV-10A in SF2V A&G Exp. ,still unresolved.

Also,what I to do to use the A-6E_90 instead of the _TRAM in ODS?

I've a full merged game patched at July 2013


Thanks all in advance.


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Am running it in July 2013 but don't get that tank problem in the campaign for VA-75.

Have you changed anything for the squad loudouts?

Do you have the A-6E_90 actually in the objects /Aircraft folder?...........if you did it looks like the campaign would choose it automatically.

UnitName=VA-75 Sunday Punchers




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I don't changed anythings in the load out,and isn't a problem of the single unit but of al the a-6Es...

you0re right about the A-6E_90 ,my fault.

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