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Is it possible to "fit" a radar into stock A-10 (WOE) scope (the one it uses for Mavericks and LGBs ) ? I tried but, except FLIR devices, nothing appears there. I've done that in the past for other planes, but my "magic" won't work in this case. I'm not sure if the cockpit model (LOD) has anything to do with this issue (lack of info) so I could use some guiding or help. Thank you.

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I got it to work in SF2, not sure on the differences between WOE and SF2:E. I equipped the A-10A with the radar of the F-16A. Take a look at the attachments to see how I configured the avionics, cockpit, and data files, plus bmp and tga files for the A-10A\cockpit folder.

A-10A Radar.7z

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