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The F-4 Phantom at High AOA - roll only with rudder

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In this film Doug, an F-4 pilot, says that an F-4 pilot must learn to roll the aircraft using two different techniques. One for low AOA, and one for high AOA. He says that when you have low AOA you can roll the aircraft in the conventional way, pushing the control stick left or right and rolling with ailerons. But Doug says that if you want to roll at high AOA you must keep the stick centered and use your rudder to roll the aircraft. If you use aileron to roll at high AOA the aircraft will suffer adverse yaw. So if you push the stick left to roll left, the fighter will yaw right, and will roll in the direction of the yaw.

Here is the film (9:30 -11:05):


What F-4 Phantom flight model best simulates adverse yaw at high AOA?

And, did all of the Century Series fighters suffer from adverse yaw at high AOA?




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Was thinking the F-100 was a candidate:


4. What was the worst thing about flying it?

Pilots like to say the Hun invented adverse yaw, and one did have to be careful with lateral stick input at high AOA. Final approach speeds were relatively high (166 KIAS + fuel in the D; higher in the C). It was underpowered – like a lot of the early Century-Series airplanes – and we had two power settings: “not enough” (military power); and “just okay” (afterburner). It was hard to fly really well.



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