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question about the KC-135/E-3/E-8/707 models

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as some may have noticed, i've worked on the Sentry and am working on the Stratotankers, with an eye to do the 707 airliners as well

the question (mainly aimed at the oldtimers) is are they all off of the same model, but with appropriate parts added on? or are the E-3 and E-8 a different model (with hopefully more appropriate fuselage cross section)?

in researching, the available 707 is based on the 320 model, it is 16 ft longer than the KCs IRL. the closest fit to the KC-135 specs is the Boeing 720 at 136 ft long. the KC-135 fuselage is not really a good fit for any 707 as the fuselage was around 4 ft wider, yet the Sentry and JSTAR were built using 707-300 series airframes.


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There are multiple models,  all based on a basic 300 series fuselage but then we did some others with bits added here and there.....well all over the place really,  I'm pretty sure there's a shorter version......I'd need to do some digging but I will have all the original max files somewhere.

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needing longer version actually mate. KC-135 and 720 came at 136 ft long, 707-120 was 145 and later versions 152 ft.

Sentry, JSTAR and the TACAMO plane (E-6B) are all between the 145 and 152 mark.

if if there's a longer one cool. if not, can still do a reasonable job with the in house 707 (given a new set of clothes of course)

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