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F-106 alternative cockpit & Six Shooter cockpit

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Existing F-106 Cockpit.

- The optical sight is in the extended position. This sight was only used for manual ranging for the AIR-2A Genie missile if the radar/ fire control system (FCS) malfunctioned or in a heavy jamming environment.




 Alternative F-106 cockpit.

- The optical sight is in the retracted position. This is how it would be for normal flight and normal engagement of the enemy with AIM-4F/G and AIR-2A Genie missiles.

- Unfortunately this cockpit only works in the normal F1 view, zoomed F4 view and target padlocked F3 view. In the zoomed out F2 cockpit view the front canopy frame disappears at the base. The Six Shooter cockpit below works fine in all views.




- Canopy frames are fine if you move view around in the F1 view.


Project Six Shooter cockpit.

- With instillation of the M61 bombay gunpod a gunsight was added to the cockpit. In real life the gunsight projected the display from the radar scope. So the radar scope actually displayed the gunpiper and it was mirrored onto the gunsight. This was because the FCS used the AIR-2A Genie firing logic to compute a real time bullet path for the M61 cannon. It was infact more accurate than the lead computing gunsight the F-15A entered service with until the same computer logic was duplicated for the F-15A.

- Because the M61 gunpod replaced the AIR-2A Genie the optical sight was removed from the cockpit. (All Six Shooter modified aircraft could be quickly converted back to carry the AIR-2A).

- This cockpit has KJakker's Six Shooter (no frame) canopy mod as the clear canopy modification was also part of Project Six Shooter.

Air-to-air gunsight.




Air-to-ground gunsight.


No gunsight or symbology displayed when employing the AIM-4F/G




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Great work, I was just looking over a few F-106 manuals with regard to fire control and cockpit instrumentation and was thinking about this again. I have these for the F-106 plus the F-102 if you are interested.



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