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Is it possible to tweak the cfg files to make modern planes with AESA and PESA radars be able to track and attack more than one target simultaneously?

I've got the impression that the game engine isn't able to deliver this feature, but then again, modders have done wonders and I was curious if this has been attained somehow.

I tried searching older threads but couldn't find anything. 

thanks for your attention.

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To do the multi-target track/attack, you need Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic for the AvionicsF14A.dll file that comes with it.  This allows for the fully functioning Track While Scan (TWS) mode used by the AN/AWG-9 (track 24, attack 6) and which can be applied to other mechanical (e.g., AN/APG-71) and AESA/PESA radars.  The basic TW F-14A, as well as the TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack/v1.32 (F-14A/B/D) utilize this function.  I believe it is implemented on the F-22 on this site, but don't quote me on that.  This was discussed back when SF2:NA first came out (multi-target track/attack for aircraft other than the F-14); I'll see if I can find the topic for you, but you absolutely can use it with other aircraft and active homing missiles.



Here's one of the discussions on it:


The other discussion was on the SF2:NA release thread, but had less detail (just that TWS works on other aircraft).  Recommend reading the above topic.



This version of the F-22 uses the AvionicsF14A.dll and is able to do multi-target track/attack.  If you want to see how it's applied, you can review the avionics.ini.

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