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  1. well i must say that for now, I'm unable to get either to work. In fact they report as "loaded" in the plugin list, with a green dot on the left. But - there is no option to save objects as ".LOD" in the export section. idk if i'm doing something wrong, i'm a total noob with 3ds interface.
  2. Many thanks. Can you explain me why? I admit that, although I have some experience in blender, with 3ds I have to start all over. Nonetheless, I have learnt the basics of 3d modeling, so I don't think It's going to be that hard learning 3ds. In fact, since I have unlimited access to blender, and limited (although generous) access to 3ds, I was thinking that the best way for me could be to build objects in blend, save them in a common format and then use 3ds for exporting to SF2. It would be good to know if someone else works this way, and how effective it might be.
  3. the best part is that I even went looking for it in the download section .. i must be getting real old. thanks for your kindness.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to download the tool from the thirdwire page, but all the downloads links appear to be broken and return an error. could someone provide me with the 3d max exporter tool? I have been able to secure the usage of several hours per day of the 2009 version from an acquaintance, and would like to try creating some weapons and simple objects. I hope asking for this is not illegal, besides, the tool is free and (should be) available from 3rdwire. thanks for your attention
  5. LOD Exporter for Blender

    do you ever plan to release an updated script for the latest blender versions? it would be a blessing.
  6. A Christmas to Remember

    I'm 42, and I can say I've seen some in my life; probably more than most of the ppl my age. But no doubt, this 2020 is gonna stay among the "highlights", probably forever (well, at least, hopefully not, it doesn't become the first event of some tough series, which we aren't going to know until some years). Although I don't always necessarily agree with the ideas of the relevant ppl of this site, I can say for sure, that you words are honest and true - unlike most of the billions of words wasted nowadays in this age of social medias and instant information (whether it's real information or most commonly, just debris). And let me tell you just this: I'm happy this site exists. Best wishes for the new year to you and your family, and to all the members of this community.
  7. Third Wire F-8 Crusader Upgrade & Enhancement

    excellent job.
  8. good info, thanks. As I said, I'm not knowledgeable in the decals subject. I used your mod for several months and found it to be several steps towards real-life accuracy, from the baseline of the original. Then I started a general rehaul of my own, as I wasn't satisfied with how nations different from the US or the UK were treated in the original game. This project is still far from completion, as I have little time to devote to it, but I wanted to keep the original nations structure intact so I had to remove your mod.
  9. I was able to "solve" only by deleting a picture called "INSIGNA006.tga", located in the mods decals folder. What happens now, is that older RAF aircraft (from the 50ies to the 80ies) wear only the tricolor roundel, which is of the right size. I'm not a roundels / decals specialist, and idk if that's correct. Did the two-color roundel become unused after ww2 and then reintroduced in modern times? If that's the case then the game is behaving correctly now. I was under the impression that the RAF used both roundels post ww2, and then dropped the tricolor one only more recently. Perhaps I was wrong about that. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  10. Since a while, I find myself in this condition (see pic). The RAF roundels are like 4 times the correct size. Happens only with RAF decals (all the other air forces are correct). Also happens on most other RAF planes (like Javelins, Hunters etc). I was thinking, perhaps some mod broken them, but I'm unable to trace back when it started. I reckon someone probably incurred in this already, I'd be grateful to know how can it be solved. Thanks.
  11. Sukhoi Su-17/20/22 (Fitter B-C-D-F)

    plz more ))
    very well done. refreshing, to say the least, since the available M23 addons were sf1 conversions older than 10yrs. I rly like the work done on the various models huds.
  12. Fictional Mikoyan Ye-8 family

    I tried out this addon extensively, and I can say I'm impressed. Everything has been done on the grounds of historical accuracy, which is difficult to attain in this case, an aircraft of which only few documents exist.The only "minus" would be the lack of textures inside the cockpit, although it's a minor issue that doesn't get in the way of enjoying the aircraft. Also, a good addon to learn some of the techniques by which aircraft are implemented in SF2; this is something I always look up as I'm trying to learn the most I can about modding. Good Job.
  13. ..Success. I started tweaking the parameters you suggested, only to notice that, even if rudder dynamics were changing, the original problem was not corrected. It was like in fact the problem would occur at another level, possibly "higher" than the rudder itself. This made me look upon the "vertail" section, which is parent of the rudder one. So I simply substituted the aerodynamic parameters contained there with those from another plane with a known functioning rudder (f-86d), in block, just to see if those were the culprits. Ran a single mission, and bang!, the problem was gone. The aircraft still don't feels right, obviously, but I know what to tweak now. I'll gladly accept any suggestion on the single parameters pertaining to the vertical fin section, as there are even more params than in rudder, and I don't have many clues about them (I would proceed changing them one by one and perform a test between every change). It appears that the vertical empennage has a counterforce that makes the aircraft bounce to the opposite direction to where the rudder has been depressed, roughly with the same force. The correct behavior would be an aircraft that keeps its nose horizontally in the direction of rudder action, while taking a slight roll in the same direction (to be compensated by ailerons) proportional to rudder force. Thanks again.

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